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CDLS-Consulting will inform you on the role and processes of the various organisations identified to support the following functions :


- Decision making

- Appraisal

- Execution

- Coordination



CDLS-Consulting will guarantee you the consistency of the crisis control process articulated around the following objectives :


- In-depth understanding of the status of the damaged system

- Forecast of the evolution of the situation

- Definition of the appropriate measures for protection of the populations and the environment

- System recovery

- Lifting of the emergency measure to protect the populations


CDLS-Consulting will advise you during a crisis, in particular in the event of an on-site intervention following an incident or accident. CDLS-Consulting will make a fast and thorough assessment of :


- The intervention in the event of an accident

- The target objectives

- The risks

- The exposure sources

- The types of accident

- The protection systems


CDLS-Consulting will determine the adequate process to follow with regards to:

-The appropriate signalling of the affected zone


-The confinement and the shelter

-The administration of stable iodine

-The consumption restrictions

-The evacuation of the populations

-The intervention plans

-The decontamination of affected staff

-The evacuation and treatment of irradiated individuals


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