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CDLS-Consulting will carry out for you :


- The fibre optics deployment surveys

- The engineering surveys of connection of the specific optical section with the fibre optics network of the operator

- The engineering surveys of the optical sections intra-site (from the pull box to your telecommunications equipment)

- The survey of the operator network (at your request)

- The ratio between the length of your sections, the amount of equipment required and the optical needs assessment

- The appraisal of the work undertaken by vendors and sub-contractors (operators, equipment suppliers, building companies…)

- The validation of the network performance


CDLS-Consulting will check for you :


- The compliance of your installation with the original theoretical inter-sites routing (between your various sites)

- The validity of the planned theoretical routing from beginning to end

- The optical budgets (attenuation, studies), section by section and overall, as well as the analysis and the conformity checks with regards to safety and loss of transmission :

· linear attenuation

· ageing margin of your fibres over 15 years

· number of splices per kilometre

· polarized modes dispersion (PMD)


CDLS-Consulting will provide you with :


- A technical specification report

- A plan of the theoretical routing

- An analysis of the optical budgets

- An estimated timeline for deployment of the various vendors and sub-contractors





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