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CDLS-Consulting will carry out the analysis and appraisal of the infrastructure work (electricity, air-conditioning, fire).


CDLS-Consulting will take full responsibility for the construction, the refurbishing or site cleaning of your nuclear infrastructures.


1 / General information


CDLS-Consulting will out the inventory of all documents governing the infrastructure.


CDLS-Consulting will assess your projects or will appraise the execution of :


- The caretaker's lodge

- The doors and dedicated openings, the locks, the “open door” detectors, the “unbolted doors”, the electric fences, the overhead travelling cranes

- Tritium detection and alarm

- The safety and transmission of alarms


2/ Electricity


CDLS-Consulting will analyze the power supply available and the lightning protection system in place.


CDLS-Consulting will in particular examine :

- The power plant, the electricity sources, generators, batteries, inverters

- The boxes supplying the fire alarm system

- The electrical circuits for strong and low current

- The protection of bays, the desks and the inverters

- The batteries chargers and the remote control inverters

- The power supply transformers for the electric trowels

- The default racks

- The sensitive tritium supply

- The power supply for the signalling system and the general remote controls

- The power supply for the entire signalling system

- The anti-lightning system (metallic masts, lightning protection boxes, the insulation transformer , the earthing system with the unifilar copper network, the copper strips grid, the waves absorbers,…)


3/ Air-conditioning and conditioning


CDLS-Consulting can survey, audit or deliver an expert analysis on conditioning.


CDLS-Consulting analysis will focus on :


- The aero condensers, the “cold” station, the boiler room

-  The refrigerating units, boilers, and the burner safety

- The optical detection of the flame, burner defects, the detection of the absence of fuel, the defects of the electromagnetic sluice gate actuator…


4/ Fire Hazard


CDLS-Consulting can survey, audit or deliver an expert analysis on fire hazard.


CDLS-Consulting analysis will focus in particular on :


- The alarm synoptic, fire signalisation, emergency lighting, the benches, the fire fighting station(s),

- The ionic combustion gas and smoke detectors, the thermal detectors, the analytical rooms, the ventilation ducts, the ionization smoke detectors, the detectors of flame…


5/ Maintenance


CDLS-Consulting advises you on your maintenance policy :


-Scheduled maintenance, on a calendar basis, periodical and systematic

-Emergency maintenance following a breakdown



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