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Your network deserves a high security level. CDLS-Consulting will guarantee safety against intruders :


The safety monitoring system will allow you :

- To detect any entry through the doors, the windows or caused by break-in

- To validate the intervention if the entry is authorized

- To set-off an intruder alarm in the absence of authentification

- To confirm the actual intrusion by video

- To evaluate the risk caused by this intrusion on the integrity of the network and the traffic.


CDLS-Consulting will advise you or appraise the work of your subcontractor regarding the following equipments :

-  Fences, wire fences and barbed wires

-  Bars and shields

-  Design of locks and specific keys

-  Security of the closing plugs of your pull rooms and coiling room

-  Intruder detection system

-  Warning system

-  Automatic check of the light

-  Automatic check of opening and closing of :

·  The doors

·  The windows

·  The ventilations

-  Video monitoring system

-  Video monitoring server

-  Recording system

-  Video cameras

-  Intruder detector

-  Volumetric detector

·  infra-red

·  ultra high frequency

-  Access control

-  Door contactor

-  Keyboard key reader

-  Power supply for the security system


At your request, CDLS-Consulting will take care of the supply and installation of your entire protection system against intruders.


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