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CDLS-Consulting will ensure the full control of your optical network and guarantee the following :


- The connections which you wish to control will connect two sites through a known seamless path; the section connecting the optical bays of each site will be uninterrupted

- You will be solely responsible for the management, supervision and support of your controlled graph, but will be able to delegate it to CDLS-Consulting should you wish to do so

- The protection of your controlled graph against electromagnetic interferences


CDLS-Consulting will check for you that :


- Your telecommunication sites are connected in dual feeds (or double adduction)

- The number of relay sites is adequate

- The deployment of your relay sites is compliant

- The relay sites are not in floodplains, the deployment in conformity with the declarations of land register

- The requests for authorisations of occupation or right-of-way are made

- Your services are able to freely access and use the various sites


CDLS-Consulting will also verify :


- The conformity with the fibre optics standards

- The burial depth of your fibre optics and your pull box

- The pull box type (size, security…)

- The nature and size of the sleeves

- The distance between your various connections

- The type of splices - The mode of alignment

- The sealing of the splicing boxes

- The installation of the junction boxes (in particular their general state, fastenings, location marker, fibre optics fitting, splices protection sleeves, radius of curvature);

- The absence of connectors from your operator network to your installations

- The type of connectors of your installation

- The type of fibre optics distribution box

- The conformity of the fibre optics management rack


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