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You are :

- a company

- a public body (administration, ministry or local authority)

- an association

- a private entity


CDLS-Consulting will manage for you :


- weapons and reactors

- detection

- security and safety

- transport, environment and extraction of the ore


CDLS-Consulting is qualified to undertake various analysis for both civilian and military organisations.


CDLS-Consulting will scale its analytical team to meet the project requirement and will call on external skills if necessary.


CDLS-Consulting can quickly access a highly qualified pool of experts from a civilian background (administrations and private companies), Navy, Air Force, Army, and from the General Armement Agency (DGA Direction Générale de l’Armement).


CDLS-Consulting is at the heart of the nuclear problematic :


- crisis management, communication

- energy

- nuclear deterrence, dismantling, detection,

- safety, security

- ore extraction, transport, environment

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