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CDLS-Consulting is your partner of choice for :


-Nuclear hygiene, and will provide you with :

· the activity

· the physical phase, the biological half-life, the effective phase

· the energy level, the linear transfer of energy

· the biological dose, the dose absorbed, the dose equivalent, the effective dose


- All aspects related the radiological environment; CDLS-consulting will provide you with a comparison between the exposures of natural origin, cosmic or telluric.


CDLS-Consulting will also provide you with an analysis related to :


-The natural internal contamination

-The assessment of the average natural exposures

-The exploitation of raw materials

-The radioactive fallout (weapons and accidents)

- The exposure sources in your every day surrounding for your region

-The industrial exposure sources and the artificial sources

- Your nuclear industry

- Your communication :

· communication policy surrounding nuclear power and its crisis management aspects

· emergency plans and specific intervention plans with the regional authorities

· local action plans for the towns concerned


CDLS-Consulting enables you to be in agreement with the regulation of protection against radiation and the general monitoring principles and processes. CDLS-Consulting will be your partner of choice concerning :


- Medical measurements


-Dosimetry (passive, operational)


-Protection and monitoring


In collaboration with your operator, CDLS-Consulting will communicate its analysis based on a rigorous evaluation of dosimetry.


The various types of dosimetry implemented by CDLS-Consulting will be :


-Passive dosimetry, operational dosimetry, ionometric dosimetry, biological and clinical dosimetry

-Photographic dosemeters, electronic dosemeters, dosemeters with neutrons

-Neutron films


CDLS-Consulting will monitor the health of your personnel and of the populations close to your installations regarding :


-chromosomal anomalies, haematology

-hazard relative to the ionizing rays according to methods of exposure

-cellular renewal, fabrics with fast renewal, fabrics with slow renewal

-free radicals

- DNA repair, cellular events, consequences on tissues

- Determinist events, stochastic events


In the specific case of weapons, CDLS-Consulting will advise you concerning :


-radiotoxicity, radiotoxicity specific to the weapons

-questions related to Uranium, Plutonium, Tritium

- chimiotoxicity

- effect of rare gases


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