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CDLS-Consulting will provide guidance at every step :


- Surveys and functional analysis

- Safety and security assessment

- Logistical follow-up (provisioning, storage)

- Maintenance

- Contractual and scheduled interventions

- Environmental and legal actions

- Cost estimations


CDLS-Consulting is a prime candidate to carry out calculations and measurements :


- of detection

- of contamination


CDLS-Consulting will enable you to understand :


- the metallurgical phenomena intervening during the normal and accidental functioning of the fixed and embarked reactors

- the choices, options and constraints regarding the materials used for the fixed or embarked engines,

- the controls and necessary tests


CDLS-Consulting will undertake the studies and the expertises necessary in order to study the fuel behaviour in the reactor, in particular regarding :


- fuel accident in the reactor

- limitations of the burn-up fuel rate

- risks of gas relaxations and interactions fuel/sheath


CDLS-Consulting will perform its expert analysis and surveys on all types of reactors (REP, RNR, BWR…).

CDLS-Consulting is an expert at analysing fuel behaviour.


CDLS-Consulting will analyse for you :


- The fuel

- The voluminal concentration of the fission products and their evolution with the “burn-up”

- The effect of RIM

- The aggregates rich in plutonium

- The sheath and the interaction pellet/sheath

- The high power transitional phases

- The phenomena occurring on the fuel pins


CDLS-Consulting advises you on :


-  The burn-up rate

-  The thermal characteristics of the fuel pins

-  The effect of the temperature on the combustible pellets

-  The effects of irradiation

-  The fission products

-  The release of rare gas and fission products


CDLS-Consulting will provide you with the studies and necessary directives regarding  

- The mechanical properties of materials

- The physical deformation and rupture


Your designer requires that you optimize the properties of materials. It implies an in-depth knowledge of the nature and structure of materials that CDLS-Consulting can bring to you and highlight :


- The behaviour of a material according to the environment and the operating conditions (irradiation)

- The irradiation coupling, the mechanical constraints and the corrosion

- The choice of materials


CDLS-Consulting will help you to choose the materials according to their physical and mechanical properties, their ease of use and cost.


CDLS-Consulting will justify its analysis by providing you with an expert report based on :

-  The physical, mechanical and neutronic properties

-  The ease of use

-  The cost


CDLS-Consulting is a prime adviser to analyse and manage your experimental projects or your simulation work.


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