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CDLS Consulting will undertake the reception and acceptance of your fibre optics.

CDLS-Consulting will supply you with a statement report regarding :


- The fitting of optical cables

- The building work completed from the pull box to your equipment room

- The installation and performances of the optical cable


CDLS-Consulting will also provide :


-A statement of control for each site

-A statement of control for each connection


CDLS-Consulting will help you to check the preliminary acceptance report issued by the operator and if necessary will provide you with a contradictory acceptance report containing :


- General information about the connection: number of fibres, segments, identifiers, index of fibre

- Information on measurements (type of reflectometer used, real wavelengths used, impulses)

- Measurements lengths of the segments, the connectors and splices, the slopes of the segments

- The appraisal of the connections

- A table of the outliers

- Traces for each fibre and in each direction

- Configuration of the connection

- The complete attenuation curve of the circuit

- The table of the events on the fibre

- The acceptance report with regards to PMD (full value PMD, value of coefficient PMD, coefficient PMD of the second order, chart of the PMD)

- Powers used and total attenuation of fibre



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