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CDLS-Consulting will examine the solutions to guarantee the physical safety of your network.


CDLS-Consulting will :


- Investigate the most appropriate safety systems for the environmental conditions:

· mechanic

· climatic

· ergonomic

· operational

- Implement these systems

- Connect these systems to your management and control room

- Check the work executed by your subcontractors

- Appraise these technical solutions


Whether they are safety measures against intrusion and malicious act, fire protection systems or lightning protection systems, CDLS-Consulting will provide you with :


- A study report

- A justification report :

· choice of the equipment

· location of choice for the equipment

- Clauses of quality assurance

- A test report validating good performance:

· inspection

· analysis

· demonstration

· tests

- A logistic report

- A maintenance report

- The documents required to register with the relevant authority if necessary



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