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CDLS-Consulting will help you design an architecture that guarantees the availability of your network should your equipment or software break down. The goal is to hold your targets for availability and quality of service while preserving a higher availability of service or matching that of your current network.


CDLS-Consulting will support you in this upgrade process.


CDLS-Consulting will help you to implement systems and solutions to resist local attacks or incidents which would cause the loss of one of your sites or of your line


CDLS-Consulting will help you :


- Work out a policy and security systems for your IP services

- Implement systems to restore traffic

- Generate a process to measure shortage of service

- Justify penalties for shortage of service



Flow control


Your network must maintain data integrity and your data should not be accessible by any third party.


CDLS-Consulting will help you with :

 - Sizing the requirement for coding equipment

 - Setting up systems and equipment able to detect failure or physical intrusion on the network

- Installing a management tools allowing you to immediately switch off the flow in the event of intrusion



Graph management


CDLS-Consulting will help you with :


- Reducing the number of routers crossed by an IP flow

- Optimizing your graph of transmission in order to re-route traffic in the event or system outage

- Simulating increases in traffic or load breakdown

- Balancing the overgrid of your network

- Mapping your network precisely specifying (railways, motorways, waterways, …) in order to be able to quickly intervene at the location of the outage or the intrusion

- Defining optimal diagonals and transversals for your network security



Supervision and flow management

CDLS-Consulting is your expert for the study, installation and the operational start up of systems dedicated to :


- The supervision of your flows

- The visualization of the load of your network key pathways

- The appraisal of the “occupation” on your key pathways

- The visualization of protection

- The management and re-routing of your flows


CDLS-Consulting will advise you to determine :


- The type of mono optic equipment or multi-lengths of wave to be installed

- The demultiplexing with lower flow lines

- The alternatives associated systems with one or two wavelengths

- The equipment broad band and measurements of dispersion of frequencies


CDLS-Consulting will also provide you with :


- The system upscales

- The follow-up of the system upscales with regards to the equipment

- The logistical solutions to be implemented


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