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CDLS-Consulting will survey and appraise the various aspects of the transport of radioactive materials focusing on the following points :


- Parcels

- Flows

- The various participants (industrial or official actors)

- The organization of the safety control process of radioactive materials transport

- Regulation

- Analysis of the safety reports

- The inspection and on-site control

- The crisis management organisation in the event of an accident

- The information of the general population


CDLS-Consulting will ensure compliance with the regulation :


- National regulation

- International regulation


CDLS-Consulting will lead the analysis of the safety aspects, in particular concerning :


- The delivery of the certificates of approval of models of parcel

- The permanent group of transport experts

- The quality assurance process


CDLS-Consulting will contact the inspection and on-site control groups on your behalf.


CDLS-Consulting will help prevent incidents and accidents by anticipating:

- Nonconformities of packing or contents

- Events during the handling of parcel

- Incidents or accidents during transport


CDLS Consulting will advise you in order to anticipate :

- The organisational set up in the event of an accident

- The information of the general public


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