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For obvious reasons, this offer is not described in more detailed.

The specialists will note that the essential points are briefly approached :


CDLS-Consulting can be your partner of choice to study, conceptualize and appraise a weapon. CDLS-Consulting will provide you with all the necessary elements to approach nuclear weapon technology.


CDLS-Consulting would like to point out simply the following points :


Nuclear weapons are a chain of amplification of energy from 1 to 1015 in a few seconds following these principle :

Detonator -Explosive –Fission- Fusion- Energy release


CDLS-Consulting will advise you on the role of the tamper :


- Primary safety barrier

- Neutronics reflector

- Delays the dislocation of the system


CDLS-Consulting will carry out for you the analysis of the various phases of a nuclear explosion :


- Implosion

- Neutronic priming and synchronization of the neutronic source

- Explosion, dislocation


CDLS-Consulting will provides you with a political or geostrategic analysis of dissuasion :

- Threat on positions of critical importance

- Concept of non-use

- Strict sufficiency

- Targeted attack  


CDLS-Consulting will study the Alpha curve (neutron coefficient of growth) of your armament projects.


CDLS-Consulting will inform you of the risks related to Uranium and plutonium (criticality, pyrophoricity, strong chemical toxicity, radiotoxicity, biological half-life, spontaneous fission for Pu).

CDLS-Consulting is an expert adviser to study and manage your simulation projects.


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